Ancient Chinese Treatments & Remedies Mean You Don’t Have to Suffer with Embarrassing Facial Conditions

Bell’s Palsy

If treated early, within the first one to three months of onset, acupuncture alone can often completely relieve the symptoms of Bell’s Palsy.

Sometimes, the condition will heal without treatment. But in many cases some level of facial paralysis will remain if left untreated.

Even chronic cases that have persisted for a year or more can benefit significantly from acupuncture. Acupuncture helps to restore local circulation and normal function of the muscles and nerves, relieving numbness, stiffness, flaccidity, and tenderness.


Acne is usually caused by heat, dampness, and toxins that accumulate in the skin due to poor digestion, allergies, medications, hormone or metabolic imbalances.

Acupuncture can help to eliminate acne by aiding digestion and metabolism of fats, detoxification of blood toxins, and by improving local circulation and reducing inflammation.

Facial pain (tri-geminal neuralgia and shingles)

Pain and spasm of nerves and muscles in the face can have many causes, including an infected nerve root in a tooth, damage to the facial nerves due to an injury (accident, tooth extraction, or exposure to cold wind), or an infection (herpes zoster, herpes simplex, Lyme disease).

According to Chinese medicine, pain and numbness are caused by obstruction of the circulation of Qi and Blood. In this case, some external factor (trauma or infection) causes the obstruction. Regardless of the cause, acupuncture restores the normal movement of Qi and Blood, which in turn reduces the swelling and inflammation that are producing the pain.

Sometimes moxibustion is also employed to enhance the effect on local circulation and counter the effects of exposure to cold and wind.

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