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If You Have Back, Neck or Head Pain, Banish it
With Our £35 Special Offer!

Living with back, neck or head pain can be debilitating and depressing, making everyday tasks a real challenge.

The great news is that even if you feel like you’ve exhausted all avenues to find a solution, we’re confident we can help you relieve the pain and regain your normal life.

So, if you want to banish the pain associated with a wide range of back, neck and head conditions perhaps you should try our pain relief half price offer.

For just £35 you’ll get:

  • An initial consultation to discuss your own personal situation and goals
  • An acupuncture session to target the pain and relieve the symptoms
  • A deep tissue massage session to reduce tension and relax muscles

This is fantastic value as purchased separately the acupuncture and deep tissues sessions would £70 – that’s a £35 saving!

To book your half price pain relief session, call us on 0208 780 0955, contact us online or pop-in to the clinic to book directly.

Real people; real results

Helping to relieve pain for our clients is something we do each and every day, so it’s no wonder we’re confident we can help you.

In fact, we have a big book of freely given testimonials where people explain exactly what our treatments have done for them.

Here’s what just to two of those clients thought about the pain relief treatments they received:

“First time using acupuncture. It was very effective and as a result I’ll no longer continue to use an osteopath as this is much better.

Thank you very much”

“I used to suffer from severe headaches and I had to take very strong painkillers prescribed by my GP. After 13 sessions of acupuncture and massage I can say that I feel much better and my body has improved a lot since I started.

I would recommend the services of Oriental Healthcare to anybody.”

So, to relive the pain you suffer from, call us on 0208 780 0955, contact us online or pop-in to the clinic to book your half price pain relief session today.