Lower Back Pain

BobbieSmall115“I have suffered from chronic low back pain for the last ten years. In addition because of several slipped disc incidents the muscles around the injury were in constant spasm. Despite physiotherapy and regular pilates training I have had to learn to live with chronic low back pain.

One day I walked into Oriental Healthcare and used their offer of an acupuncture session and deep tissue massage. I felt great after the session but honestly did not think it would last. However, to my surprise I was 80% pain free fort 3 weeks – just after one session.

The spasms has practically gone and only from time to time do I have pain in my lower back, which I am treating with subsequent sessions. If you do have any doubts or have never tried acupuncture before and the NHS does not seem to help, I would really recommend trying this option.

I just cannot believe I carried this pain for ten years with such a simple solution available around the corner.” Bonia, Putney

Whiplash Back Problems

ClareSmall115“I’ve been coming weekly to Oriental Healthcare for acupuncture/cupping and a massage for some time now and have achieved brilliant results under their careful and expert eye.

Initially I came in for treatment for a stiff upper back and shoulders, originally caused by whiplash years ago. I had pretty much accepted that ‘this is how it was’ as I’d tried massage, chiropractors, osteopaths, done a lot of pilates, swimming and more. Despite all this I never really got full ease of mobility.

I had a taster session of combining acupuncture/cupping and massage and felt the benefits straight away. So, I booked a full course of treatment. This worked so well that I’m now able to do all the things I couldn’t do before, or that hurt to do before. Also the treatment has a secondary benefit as it has improved the circulation in my hands so I don’t feel the cold as much – a real bonus.

I’ve always found the staff extremely helpful and experienced a level of great service and genuine care. I’d highly recommend them and their services. If they recommend a treatment, try it! It worked for me.” Clare, Putney

Weight Loss 

DavidSmall115“Although I was sceptical at first, I have to say that so far the results speak for themselves.

In 13 weeks I’ve reduced my weight from 108kg to 95kg. This was using a combination of Ultrasound sessions and herbal remedies,whilst also eating better and excercising.

I feel healthier and happier.” David, Putney

Wellbeing Treatment

“Oriental Healthcare in Putney is fantastic! Came here today for acupuncture and massage. Oh my goodness! This was the best massage I’ve ever had and the acupuncture was amazing too. I fell asleep. Now I feel like I’ve just got back from holiday.

Thank you to Michelle, Lilli and Diego. We will be back.” Errol & Kris

Stroke Damage

“Four weeks ago I was in  pain and a mess. Now I feel less bloated, feel fitter and am receiving acupuncture after a stroke damaged my arm and hand that would not work. My fingers, after 14 years, are moving better with the treatment here and every week continue to improve.

Thank you all at Oriental Healthcare.” Sue Johnson

Severe Headaches

“I used to suffer from severe headaches and I had to take very strong painkillers prescribed by my GP. After 13 sessions of acupuncture and massage I can say that I feel much better and my body has improved a lot since I started.

I would recommend the services of Oriental Healthcare to anybody.” Dominika

Neck & Back Pain

“It was my first time with acupuncture and it was a very good experience. I have a lot of neck and back pain and it really relaxed me.

Very kind people and very professional. Thank you!” Pauline

Back Pains

“It’s my first time here and after coming in with back pains, I’ve had a back massage and acupuncture which has made me feel much more de-stressed and relaxed. Thanks!” Aisha


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