RF Therapy

Radio Frequency (RF) Therapy.
Healing – Purifying – Calming – Pain Relief

Radio Frequency (RF) Therapy generates heat deep inside the body and accelerates metabolism to release liquid.

This thermal effect stimulates collagen, blood, muscles, soft and deep tissue.

RF Therapy has been developed to reactivate the natural repair processes by acting on the circulatory system for face, body fat and muscles.

It can also boost microcirculation to obtain an efficacious draining effect, by removing inflammatory catabolites and reducing edema with a constant reduction, or even complete removal, of symptoms.

How RF Therapy Works

RF waves (or Radio Frequency waves) are electromagnetic waves at certain wavelengths.

Tissues in the human body conduct electricity (as they contain a high level of water).
Although all human tissue generates electrical resistance, some level tissue at problematic areas under the skin, will be more resistant to the electromagnetic energy flowing through them.

When encountering such heightened resistance, the RF electromagnetic flow will cause the tissue responsible for the resistance, to heat up.

Careful control of the frequency and amplitude (strength) of the waves enables therapists to direct the RF energy at soft tissue or deep tissue under the skin.



RF Therapy can induce the reactions in the circulatory deficits and lymphedema, in which the excess liquids extravasated by the lymphatic system are retained in the limbs where they harden and take on a fibrous consistency.

This results in a rapid reduction in pain, fibrous nodules and swelling.


Greater Reactivity

RF Therapy opens up to prevention and muscular recovery. The reactions in generates in the tissues, allows better oxygenation, which makes the muscles more elastic and reactive.

Consequently these become less prone to sprains and tears and athletic movement becomes freer and stronger.

More Power

Better capillary blood flow stimulates the muscle’s capacity to receive blood, which translates into an increase in muscle power.

Less Fatigue

The increase in blood and lymphatic circulation leads to a rapid removal of acid and therefore faster disposal of toxins.

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